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About us

Albertaloop was founded in 2019 with the purpose of competing in the international Hyperloop conference sponsored by SpaceX. We're comprised of technical members (e.g., engineering and science students) as well as non-technical members (e.g., business students); graduate students are also a part of our team.

Our Mission

Accelerating the implementation of Hyperloop in Canada and create a sustainable promising future for the planet, all while empowering students to innovate and learn.

We're headed to the future, and we'd like you to join us

Albertaloop aims to design, build, and compete a Hyperloop pod in the annual Hyperloop Pod Competition sponsored by SpaceX. Tentatively, Albertaloop is aiming to compete our first pod competition this 2022.
We are continuously recruiting new members. If you are a student enrolled at the University of Alberta who is interested in joining us, please click this link to see our current offerings:
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